Slöyd wood carving knife

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This is my favourite size of Puukko knife. Amazing handmade small knife with leather sheath, could  be use like a wood carving knife,  ideal for Forest Wandering  and Outdoor activities or foraging in nature

D2 carbon steel Puukko knife. Flat grind.
Heat treated in molten salt.

The blade of this knife is easy to keep sharp and reaches a razor-sharp edge so that carving with it is easy and precise

Handle from nice Plum wood

Beautiful wet formed Leather sheath light pink dye and waterproof finish.

Blade: 8 cm long D2 carbon steel, hollow grind
Blade thickness: 2.7 mm
Handle length: 12 cm
Full length: 20cm

This knife isn`t mass production item its a piece of art made handmade by me.

Knife is very sharp

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