Woodcarving knife – Morakniv 122 (LC)

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This is a specially designed woodcarving knife intended for detailed carving. The laminated carbon steel has unparalleled toughness that can withstand lateral bending and has a cutting resistance that optimises its carving properties. It is also easy to re-sharpen so you can experience enjoyable carving over and over again.

With a barrel-shaped oiled Scandinavian FSC® certified birch wood handle and an approximately 2.7 mm thick, tapered laminated carbon steel blade, you can take your creativity to new levels. The knife’s full rat tail tang, which runs through the entire handle, provides both strength and stability in each cut and the handle gives you the opportunity to shape it to your own needs or expression. The knife should always be in the polymer sheath when not in use, partly to minimise the risk of cutting injury but also to maintain sharpness. Laminated carbon steel will rust, so wipe and oil the blade after use. The classic laminated carbon steel woodcarving knives are appreciated by our greatest craftsmen Jögge “Surolle” Sundkvist & Beth Moen, as well as by generations of craftsmen with a love of carving.

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